Author: Bill Sargent


Materials – Using SQL at AH/higher

Activity Summary Exercises on interrogating databases using SQL.  Database files are included.   Time required 60 to 8 hours Resources Download exercise Follow Up Activities Practical work on databases.  Work on AH project

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Materials – Understanding code at National 5

Activity Summary A series of exercises written in reference language covering the requirements at National 5.  Solutions to exercises are given Suggested Time Required Activity would be used throughout the SDD section of the course.  Alternatively the exercises could be used for revision/self-study purposes Resources  Click...

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Materials – Data Structures and external files at Higher

Activity Summary Explanation of and exercises about implementing the use of external text files and creating and using records in VB.NET Suggested Time Required 3 to 4 hours of class time Resources  Click to download Follow Up Activities Pupils can integrate this with their study of...

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Materials – Parameter passing at Higher

Activity Summary This activity allows students to gain an understanding of parameters and parameter passing techniques. This is an introductory lesson. The focus of the lesson is to introduce passing parameters; at this stage, topics such as difference between functions and procedures are not considered....

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Technique – Structured TRACS

Summary of Technique   Exercise(s) for Teachers Ways of Using the Technique in the Classroom The most important thing about using TRACS is to be flexible in its use.  The process captures all the features of a piece of code and allows you to concentrate on...