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Materials – N5 Structured Programming – Visual Basic

Activity Summary This is a collection of code reading exercises written in Visual Basic. There is a group of printable pupil booklets containing exercises to develop the following skills: code identification code description code explaining debugging tracing answering explaining code exam questions in SQA reference language The...

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Technique – Database Machine

Summary of Technique [Office mix] This technique uses the kinaesthetic learning approach. By manipulating the records of a paper database machine, pupils can gain an understanding of how SQL queries are executed. This technique serves as an introduction to the SQL clauses that are generated by database management systems that...

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Materials – Structured TRACS in Livecode

Activity Summary This is a set of exercises for National 4 and 5 pupils using the TRACS technique. The examples are in Livecode. Suggested Time Required These exercises could be used throughout a unit of Livecode programming or as assessments of programming ability. Resources TRACS livecode—PLAN...