Author: Andy McSwan

Materials – Higher Worked Examples – Holiday Data – Livecode 0

Materials – Higher Worked Examples – Holiday Data – Livecode

Activity Summary Standard Algorithms in Livecode – This activity takes the learner through the process of creating a program for a holiday company. Pupils will need to know how to import and store the contents of a text file in a program. The learner will...


Approach – Tracing to Understand the Notional Machine

Summary of Approach The process a computer goes through when executing a section of code is manually stepped through by the learner in order to understand how it will work and what the expected output should be. Keypoints Just showing a visualisation of a piece of...


Approach – Peer Instruction in Computing Science

Summary of Approach Peer Instruction (PI) is an active learning technique, from the “flip-teaching” stable.  It helps the teacher make best use of their time with students, in particular enabling them to highlight and correct particular student alternative conceptions. Benefits of Peer Instruction One of the...