Materials – N5 Structured Programming Alternative Conceptions

Activity Summary

This is a diagnostic test and set of PI questions that helps a teacher to identify alternative conceptions of structured style code.  They can be used as a multiple choice test with the most common alternative conceptions at National 5 being identified or as individual PI questions that focus on a specific area.

Time Required

The multiple choice test will take a lesson of 45/50 minutes.  These questions can be used individually with learners explaining why each answer is correct or incorrect. Normally this takes between 10 to 15 minutes for each question. Using them as peer instruction questions they will need 5 to 10 minutes of time.


Technique for using structured programming alternative conceptions

Find the technique here.

Follow up activities

  • TRACS tracing exercises on the programming constructs pupils don’t fully understand.
  • Code reading exercises where they have to practice describing and explaining how these constructs work.

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