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Technique – Structured TRACS

Summary of Technique   Exercise(s) for Teachers Ways of Using the Technique in the Classroom The most important thing about using TRACS is to be flexible in its use.  The process captures all the features of a piece of code and allows you to concentrate on...


Technique – Self Marking Parson’s Puzzles

Summary of Technique Parson’s puzzles can be created in any authoring environment that provides a matching exercise format or using a specially developed Javascript library called JS Parsons and HTML. This allows the puzzle to be self-marking which means that it can be used as an...


Technique – Expression TRACS

Summary of Technique Office mix TRACS for expressions is a technique for analysing the expressions in code. This could be as simple as the expression 4+5, to a complex expression such as (INT(RND*23)+1)>ROUND(a,3) OR b<j*r. The approach uses annotation to outline the order of evaluation of...