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Materials – Structured TRACS in Livecode

Activity Summary This is a set of exercises for National 4 and 5 pupils using the TRACS technique. The examples are in Livecode. Suggested Time Required These exercises could be used throughout a unit of Livecode programming or as assessments of programming ability. Resources TRACS livecode—PLAN...


Approach – Tracing to Understand the Notional Machine

Summary of Approach The process a computer goes through when executing a section of code is manually stepped through by the learner in order to understand how it will work and what the expected output should be. Keypoints Just showing a visualisation of a piece of...


Technique – Expression TRACS

Summary of Technique Office mix TRACS for expressions is a technique for analysing the expressions in code. This could be as simple as the expression 4+5, to a complex expression such as (INT(RND*23)+1)>ROUND(a,3) OR b<j*r. The approach uses annotation to outline the order of evaluation of...