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Materials – Higher Worked Examples – Holiday Data – Livecode 0

Materials – Higher Worked Examples – Holiday Data – Livecode

Activity Summary Standard Algorithms in Livecode – This activity takes the learner through the process of creating a program for a holiday company. Pupils will need to know how to import and store the contents of a text file in a program. The learner will...


Materials – Data Structures and external files at Higher

Activity Summary Explanation of and exercises about implementing the use of external text files and creating and using records in VB.NET Suggested Time Required 3 to 4 hours of class time Resources  Click to download Follow Up Activities Pupils can integrate this with their study of...


Materials – Parameter passing at Higher

Activity Summary This activity allows students to gain an understanding of parameters and parameter passing techniques. This is an introductory lesson. The focus of the lesson is to introduce passing parameters; at this stage, topics such as difference between functions and procedures are not considered....


Materials – N5 / Higher Media Calculations

Activity Summary Higher/ National 5 pupil exercises providing worked examples for a variety of Data Representation calculations including the uncompressed files sizes of images with dimensions in pixels and inches sound with multiple channels video Suggested Time Required 10 minutes to study each worked example...