Technique – Calculation Worked Examples

Summary of Technique

This technique uses the worked examples approach. Pupils can build a solid understanding of a process for working through a complex task, such as a calculation.

This technique serves as an example of how worked examples can be used for calculation tasks as well as coding tasks.

Exercise(s) for Teachers

The example below is a set of exercises for calculating file sizes. The worked example approach is used.

Ways of Using the Technique in the Classroom

Worked examples are one of the common techniques used by Computing Science teachers. For this technique to be successful, teachers should understand fully the considerations mentioned in the worked examples approach.

Worked examples for data representation questions can be used:

  • When converting binary numbers to decimal
  • When converting decimal numbers to binary
  • When carrying out image size calculations in pixels, bits, bytes etc
  • When calculating the size of a movie or animation
  • When calculating the size of a sound file
  • When calculating the storage requirements of a database

Benefits for Learners

Learners benefit from the structured nature of a worked example. This allows learners to build up confidence in their process.

Tips for Creating New Exercises

Taking into account the reasons behind the worked examples approach, it is simple to take any methodical process and create a worked example. The discussion of the process and reason for each step is the important part of using worked examples.

Pupil Materials


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