Materials – Higher Standard Algorithms

Activity Summary

This is a set of exercises for Higher pupils using the TRACS technique. There are examples are in Python 3 and the SQA Reference Language.

This activity allows the pupils to gain an understanding of how the data in programs are executed.  This set of materials should not be used as one resource but should be split up over a series of lessons.

Suggested Time Required

These exercises could be used throughout the Higher Software Design and Development Unit or extra practice exercises to improve understanding.


 Download Python 3 materials here

Download SQA Reference Language materials here

Follow Up Activities

It would be possible to generate additional programs to allow further exercises to be undertaken.

There is a blank template for using on your white board which can be found here.  If you wish to use the animated version showing the flow of data, simply download one of the materials and adapt it to suit your needs.

Also, it is possible for pupils to use this template to work out where errors are in their code by adding the code snippet and working through the trace.

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