Technique – Introducing SQA Reference Language at the end of a course

Summary of Technique

Pupils need to be ready to understand and explain code fragments presented using the SQA Reference Language in exams.  Different techniques are possible here, and this post describes one of them.  An alternative can be found at XXX.

Slides here.

Exercise(s) for Teachers

Links to exercises will go here

Ways of Using the Technique in the Classroom

Tips and advice on how to use the technique in the classroom.

Benefits for Learners

In the first year of the National 5, I introduced the reference language to my pupils late on in the course.  At that time, I felt that this was best for my pupils.  The benefits that I feel came from doing this were that the syntax was fresh in their minds going into the final exam and they were clear on how to correctly layout coding style exam questions.  The pupils were confident on answering this style of questions because we had practised the reference language recently.

Mr C Henderson, Arbroath Academy, Angus Council

Tips for Creating New Exercises

Tips on how to construct additional exercises of this type will go here.

Pupil Materials

Link to N5 SDD Revision Notes with worked examples in SQA Reference Language 

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